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PAC 10 Middleweights Second Team Recognized for Sportsmanship

Great work By Coaches John Overbey, Josh Overbey and Elioc Gauze. Read on;

Hi Geoff, (President of the TCYFL)

Paul Clark here. (football official)

I am guilty of sending this a bit late, but I wanted you to know of the Zion team that I officiated last week (9/7 at 1pm) at Antioch. I strongly feel that someone needs to reach out and recognize that Pac 10 Second middleweight team for being the classiest group of young kids that I have ever officiated. (and I know many of these kids don’t have the Brady Bunch home life)

This middleweight game (Arbiter game #8114) had some very hard hitting and strong kids. A Zion kid had helped an Antioch player up from the ground late in the first quarter, and I commented to him something like, “Nice sportsmanship 51 (Matthew Overbey). Way to help him up. You play like a man.” The kids had been helping up Antioch players several times before that, but after that comment, EVERY Zion defender was running in to help the Antioch players up, after every play – even if they got knocked back 6 yds. It was kind of funny to see them feed off that comment, but even more, it was refreshing. I mean, they were all, coming in to the pile to help guys up, as if they were on some payroll. I want to emphasize that the Zion players had done that several times before I made any comment. These would come after some serious hits.

I can tell that this Zion Middle weight Second team of kids feeds off positive recognition. I don’t know anyone on that team personally. I do remember that the coach was named Johnny.

The kids were very respectful to their coaches. These coaches (Johnny and a young coach) were great teachers to the kids during this game. It is very obvious that these coaches on this team have taught these kids about respect.

The game didn’t go Zion’s way that day. They had several turnovers and penalties, as well as new player stepping out of bounds on a sure breakaway touchdown. They were in it until the end. They never pointed the finger at another player after a false start, fumble, or other misfortune. But to watch those kids try to battle through all the adversity with poise (and they were poised little kids), listen to their coaches and try so hard to please them, as well as trying to be servicemen to help Antioch players up off the ground, was honestly the most refreshing game I have ever officiated in any sport. I wish I had a video of it.

I hope someone can take a minute to recognize those kids who are on the Zion Second PAC middleweight team. They are not only the model to their own Zion teams, but to every team in this TCYFL. I’ve never seen anyone play with more class and respect than this team, on this day………. AND THEY LOST, with bad circumstances. It is really easy to be classy when you’re winning, but I’ve never seen anything like these kids.

Have a great day,

Paul Clark

Zion Newspaper Article

Zion Newpaper 11-8-12